“Come on down to Tri-County Small Animal Hospital to get your pet spayed or neutered!”

Bell and Bob Barker

For the month of April, the humans at Tri-County Small Animal Hospital are offering 10% off spays and neuters. Bring in the coupon from their website or Facebook page, and you’ll save money. I’m “fixed” as you humans say, as are the other two cats in my animal hospital, Tweeter and the Monkeyman. Bob Barker would be proud.

Getting your fur baby spayed or neutered has health benefits, behavioral benefits, and helps prevent overpopulation and millions of unnecessary deaths each year in animal shelters. No kittens for me, and none of the nasty reproductive diseases we ladies can get as we age, such as pyometra (an infected uterus, which is life-threatening) and mammary tumors. When neutered, males are less likely to get prostate and associated urinary problems and won’t develop testicular tumors. They tend to exhibit fewer testosterone-driven negative behaviors, like urine marking, roaming and aggression. If spayed, females are less likely to fight as well, which will reduce a cat’s chance getting feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus (feline AIDS) from another cat. By preventing your pet from reproducing, you’re playing a major role in controlling the ever-growing unwanted pet population. Over 3 million fur babies are euthanized in shelters yearly due to lack of homes; this could be prevented by spaying and neutering cats and those stinky dogs!

For your viewing pleasure, and a little humor, I’ve posted a link to an entertaining video, All About That Spay, promoting the spaying and neutering of pets. Get ready to laugh, and then call us to schedule your pet’s surgery at (865) 435-1374. The humans here are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about your pet’s spay/neuter.

Hearts, Bella Bella paw print